Morning Senses


Rain bolts, falling, waltzing against a grey canvas

Diffused morning light struggles to permeate the plush variety of foliage

Sleeping dogs strewn and scattered, stir only when dreams bend


Crickets nervously invite whistling birds to morning tea

Rain, less frequent now, drips out of rhythm from window sills into swollen puddles

Mango trees rustle in wind, forecasting storms to come


Asphalt and cool rain take me back to childhood recesses in the fall

Lingering scents of lemon dish soap drift from the kitchen

Dog breath is but a lick away


Bequia honey melts into passion fruit tea

My mouth is full of warm summers, sweet and calm

Whole grain toast crunches, contrasting with Ellsie’s guava jelly


A break  permits the picking of plums

Remnants of rain, nature’s wash, shake off upon plucking

My feet, bear on the swamped grass, reunite me with the Earth


One thought on “Morning Senses

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