Day 1: CA to Utah (via Nevada) #RooCrewCrossAmerica2017

Hi Friends!!

Wow, there are A LOT of you out there-thank you so much for subscribing/ghost stopping by :) We feel the love and support…that’s for sure!

I’ve got to keep this short and sweet, as I’m much more tired than I thought I’d be after 12 hours on the road today (that’s about 9.5 hours of driving and some necessary potty breaks for two and four-legged along the way). I’ve got so many thoughts-how beautiful are the clouds and the sky over the California Rockies?, How sad is it to see cows shipped up and strapped in to trucks hauling their terrified eyes off along the highway (still want that burger?!)?, How lame emergency road side “assistance” from Hertz is (never patronizing again, but we are okay…)? All these to be further explored in due time, but for now, I’m surrounded by tired pups, a passed out boyfriend, and a sore neck so off to bed I go.

But before I do… I just want to send out some MAJOR love to the wonderful human that we are staying with in Salt Lake City tonight: Beth, a fellow Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Kenya in the 80s) who has a lovely and welcoming apartment. She’s opened her home to us, and after she got back from working in Shanghai and Pakistan received lots of community support, so she’s returning the favor to us tonight. I’m just thankful for good people, good Indian food, and a warm spirit who loves our dogs. Go humankind <3

Enjoy some pics from Day 1, loves. Thanks for swinging by! Until Colorado mañana…


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