The Greatest Adventure is Yet to Begin #RooCrewCrossAmerica2017

I feel much like the older Bilbo Baggins – as I sit here on my comfortable couch, in my home that is feeling more like home every day, with a sweet little dog curled up by my side – reflecting on the last couple weeks as if they were just yesterday, yet years ago simultaneously at long last. I start my new job Monday (tomorrow as I write this) with HSUS and I wanted to wrap up the cross-country blog in pictographic style…each image below telling the story of a leg of our adventure; from a first-class pie to car-dog-piles to sunsets and sunrises and corn fields for days. It’s been an experience of lifetime, crossing these here united states. It went by much quicker than I expected but I guess that’s a sign that the company and vibe were spot on-it was only when we hit Nebraska that we realized we hadn’t much listened to the radio. It was just that good. All of it was. The silence and gazing and the talking and laughing. We were lucky that we had a safe and smooth ride, Yuki did not bite anyone, and that we had amazing people along the way who opened their home to us for a night or three (surprise, Codie & Linds!).  To everyone we stayed with (Mom & Rick in CA, Beth in UT, Ryan & Rebecca in CO., Lindsey and Codie in IO, and Pat and Debbie in OH): Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! Our home is open to you anytime!

I’ll update you all on Silver Spring, Maryland life in the near future, as well as what I can disclose about life in the new role. If I am walking away with one thing from this entire experience, it is that there are a whole lot of things to see in this world-your impression of them has more to do with you than them. This trip was reflective and peaceful for me-things I’ve needed to reconnect with greatly.

Beauty and hope can be found anywhere… you need only open your eyes and be grateful for sight.

Enjoy the captioned picture show, loves <3


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